Shaykh Muhammed Al-Jamal Al-Pifa'i at the Dome of the Rock

Shayka Muhammed Al-Jamal Al-Pifa'i

Shaykh Muhammed Al-Jamal Al-Pifa'i

Head of Higher Islamic Sufi Council in Palestine
Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

In the name of Islam, I address the Muslim people all over the world regardless of their beliefs, race, or
color. The message I send to them from this place on behalf of the prophet of Peace, Love, Justice,
Freedom and Equality is: "We did not send you for anything but as Mercy for the nations." The prophet
directed the Moslems saying, "Do not cut a green tree, do not kill the peaceful, but give them Peace that
they may enjoy it under the canopy of Islam." The very word Islam comes from salam which means
peace, therefore Islam is the Religion of Peace. Jerusalem is the heart of the world. It is the city in
which the world will gather on the Day of Judgment. For this reason God says, "Jerusalem is from My
Light....Anyone who destroys the peace and love in My Holy City, destroys all hearts everywhere....Let
us raise the flag of Peace over the Holy City announcing to the entire world that the era of war and killing
has come to an end."