Volunteer Guidelines

These guidelines apply for the duration of the Vigil, and will help you help our visitors this weekend.

  • Friday, October 9 is set-up day, beginning approximately at 10am and completed by 5pm.

  • Sunday afternoon, October 11 (1:00pm to 5:00pm) is take-down of the Prayer Vigil Peace Village.
The Prayer Vigil for the Earth itself begins at sunrise on Saturday morning, October 10 and continues until midday Sunday, October 11.


  • The Golden Rule of the Vigil: Be respectful, patient and observe signs for silence during special periods; the   Vigil is a sacred event.  However, visitors may not realize this at first.  Please be especially considerate of the   Elders, who will be wearing GREEN badges. 

There are also times when we energetically celebrate, as the can be Prayer Vigil is a high energy event as   well.  Your role is to be part of the space that guides people to the right thing.

  • Signing in: Sign in at the Volunteer Check area at the Information Booth, and please include your email address,   if you have one.  Please PRINT clearly.  You will be given a YELLOW Name Tag that should be worn at all time.

  • As a Volunteer, What Can I Do? Have you ever helped erect a tipi, set up the perimeter of the Circle, put up a   canopy?  Are you hardy and strong to help haul equipment from the street?  Have you tended a fire?  Are you   good with people? You can choose to help out where the need is the greatest, doing what you're best at. Click here to see all the opportunities to be part of the Vigil, an all volunteer event!

  • Questions during your Volunteering: If you have a question or if you cannot answer a visitors question, ask anyone with a BLUE Name Tag, or go to the Information Center.  Individuals with Blue Badges can be found near the microphone area, the fire area, or at the Information Center.  Also, others are simply moving around on duty as part of our Security team. 

  • Entering into the Prayer Vigil Circle: Because the Vigil Circle is sacred space, all visitors should be directed to enter it through the East Gate, which is an entrance-way of poles shaped like a tipi.

  • Keeping the Vigil Area clean: Pick up bottles, paper, and other discards or trash. Please help keep the Vigil area clean and neat.  You can put the discards in large, clear plastic bags situated around the Circle containers.
  • Port-a-potties and food areas are for the Presenters, Elders, and Vigil staff and volunteers: Please be  understanding and help us to enforce this.

    • The port-a-potties are located near the Prayer Vigil Circle at the street.

    • There are permanent rest room facilities on the east side of the Washington Monument. Also, facilities are located across the street at the east side of the Ellipse and in the nearby Smithsonian museums and fast food places.

    • We regret we cannot feed our volunteers.You are encouraged to bring you own food, especially water, and your own coolers, which can be stored in the Information Center.There are food concession centers at the east side of the Washington Monument and restaurants (further away) in the nearby Smithsonian museums. The Information Center has list of and a map indicating nearby fast food and other restaurants.

  • Breaks: If you feel yourself getting flustered or tired, or need a port-a-potty break, take a break!

  • If you bring any items for the Vigil's use, please make sure you clearly label them. Click here for items we need!  If you can bring any items, contact the Prayer Vigil at 703-620-2577 or email oneprayer4@aol.com and let us know what you will be bringing.

  • Offerings: We respectfully ask each volunteer to offer at least one jug of water, which can be brought tot he to the kitchen area. If you have friends who can also contribute water that would be greatly appreciated!

  • Participate in the Prayer Vigil: We encourage you to participate in the activities going on when you are not volunteering. Enjoy yourself! 

  • Donations: Financial donations to the Prayer Vigil itself are gratefully accepted are tax deductible.  Please direct folks to the Information Center to make donations.

    • Checks can be made to THE CIRCLE and sent to our East Coast Office at 11160 Glade Drive, Reston, VA 20191-4709.The Circle is a (501)(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization #94-3133148. 

    • We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card. 

A Note About Donations: Our National Parks Permit does not allow us to collect donations or do fundraising for any group, organization or activity other than the Prayer Vigil (THE CIRCLE). Literature for organizations or activities related to the Prayer Vigil can be displayed at the Information Center for all to see.


Thank you and please experience the Prayer Vigil with us!