What We Learned from the 2008 Prayer Vigil!
Spontaneity, connection, intimacy, continuity = Community

As friends and strangers gathered during the 16th Annual Prayer Vigil for the Earth, the energy of heart, mind and spirit convened as always! Beginning with the lighting of the sacred fire, the joy and solemnity of the sacred wove itself freely throughout the two days to the rhythm of prayers and drums, ritual and music, in honor of the Earth.

The Earth called us back to
our original location next to
the Washington Monument

Spontaneity, connection, intimacy and continuity characterized the 2008 Vigil

            The 2008 Prayer Vigil was also a tribute to the children and youth



















Please follow these links to enjoy some of the transcendent experiences during the 2008 Vigil, where the paths of people of many ages, cultures and faiths converge in harmony and grace.

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