The Ease and Peace of the 2009 Prayer Vigil
Deep roots into the many traditions of our human family
and explorations into our shared future

Inspired by the presence of our future - the many children attending the Vigil, including a large contingent from the Ahkwesahsne Freedom School of Mohawk Territories - we were deeply moved by the prayers for harmony and peace with each other and with the Earth for the 17th year in a row on the National Mall. Old and new traditions from many lands and many cultures melded into a deep flow of connection. An organic farmer from the UK in his sixties, who rang the church bells in his village back home, took communion for the first time in his life at the Christian service at the Prayer Vigil Sunday morning. As the Prayer Vigil drew towards a close, as often happens, nature responded to the circle below with a unique sign. This time we witnessed an amazing rainbow around the bright sun in an otherwise clear blue sky: a little resonance from the world around us to remind us of the effectiveness of gathering together in peace and prayer. It was an uplifting two days.

Rabbi and Sufi:
Harmony among Muslims and Jews as they
share their prayers in front of a Lakota tipi
Rabbi and Sufi


An ecumenical Christian
communion on the Mall
at the 2009 Vigil

We witnessed an amazing
 sun bow at the end of the
     ceremonies Sunday

An ecumenical Christian Communion
An Amazing Sun Bow











Please follow these links to enjoy some of the transcendent experiences during the 2009 Vigil, where the paths of people of many ages, cultures and faiths converge in harmony and grace.


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