The Organizers

David Berry
Sharon Franquemont
Betsy Stang

Spiritual Guides
Harry Byrd, Lakota Elder
Grace Smith Yellowhammer, Navajo Elder

Executive Officers
Sharon Franquemont (President)
Sue Conklin (Vice Present)
Ben Perchik (Treasurer)
David Berry (Director)
Betsy Stang (Director)

Steering Committee
David Berry – Program and Fundraising
Sue Conklin – Administration
Sharon Franquemont – Program Coordinator and Fundraising
Eleanor Kibrick – Program
Chris Llinas - Logistics
Rabiah al Nur – Program
Ben Perchik – Treasurer
Bill Rolph – Firetender
Bill Sanda – Photography and Website

A Message from the Organizers

Dear Prayer Vigil Family,

“Greetings in the name of Joy and Oneness.
May your day be blessed.”

How good it is to be reunited with everyone whose hearts annually co-create a rich icon of spirituality--an expression of peace with self, peace with others, peace with the Earth–at the foot of the Washington Monument.

Thank you to the youth for lighting the fire! Thank you to the elders for your guidance and laughter. Thank you to the parents and children for your commitment. Thank you to the singers and drummers for strengthening our heartbeat. Thank you to the dancers for reminding us how to move in rhythm with each other. Thank you volunteers for being our foundation. Thank you...thank you all!

No words can capture our gratitude for the unique sweetness, in these troubled times, of the 20th Prayer Vigil for the Earth. Bill Sanda, our Vigil photographer, posted the Prayer Vigil photos from previous Vigil's, which are respectfull and moving pictures of our community.

We also welcome new members of our Peace Village: the Tibetan Meditation Center, Haribol (Hare Krishna), One Song Chorus,Turtle Women Rising, the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, all the youth and children, and any others who we may have missed.

Please share with others. We apologize if we miss someone.

Warmest regards,

The Prayer Vigil Steering Committee