Volunteer Opportunities

Welcome and thank you for supporting the Prayer Vigil through volunteering! We have many interesting and important volunteer opportunities and your contribution to the Vigil is greatly appreciated! We hope you will also share the joy and profound experience of the Vigil in a deeper way by being part of it.

Please take a few minutes to read this handout.  It’s a guide so you can best assist us during the Prayer Vigil and shows the variety of areas where we need your help.

To volunteer, please e-mail us at oneprayer4@aol.com.


Friday Set-Up Day of Prayer Vigil Circle: 10:00am – 5:00pm, September 28.
All are encouraged to participate!  Just come to the Vigil site on the Washington Monument grounds (16th St. & Constitution Ave NORTH AREA).  Note that parking on the street begins after 10 a.m. You can also take the METRO and get off the METRO at Smithsonian and walk 10-15 minutes west towards the National Monument.

These volunteers "patrol" the Vigil site inside and outside the Circle and report any problems to the Information Tent or to an Organizing Committee member (BLUE badges).  Security Volunteers are important to keep the integrity of the Prayer Vigil Circle and the on-going program from disruptions and discourtesies. 

The Security Volunteers:

  • Ensure the public enters through the East Gate area
  • Answer people’s questions,
  • Help explain what the Prayer Vigil is all about

Welcoming the Public at the East Gate Entrance:
Volunteers are needed to welcome visitors at the entrance to the Prayer Vigil Circle throughout Friday through Monday (24/7); 2-3 hour shifts are suggested.  This is a fun job.  Just sign up at the Information Center as soon as you arrive Friday and Saturday morning. 

Information & First Aid Center:
We always need volunteers here, which like the entrance, needs to be staffed around the clock.  Contact us at oneprayer4@aol.com.

Fire Tending Teams:
We invite you to be on a fire-tending team for 2-3 hours during the Prayer Vigil.  You don’t need to have experience fire-tending.  Just come and join a 2-3 person team who will be present continuously Friday and through the weekend.  There will always be an experienced fire tender present.  You will help keep the fire burning, invite participants to make prayers at the fire and help where needed.  You can sign up for more than one shift.  This is a central and wonderful place from which to experience the Vigil.  Contact us at oneprayer4@aol.com.

Sunday Disassembly of Site:  2:00pm - 5:00pm. 
We need as many people as possible to take the equipment to the trucks, dismantle tipis and other structures, and clear the Prayer Vigil Circle area.

The clean-up is complete when we leave all the see-through/transparent large, industrial strength plastic bags in a pile for the Parks Dept. to pick them up and return the site area to a clean state.


To volunteer, please e-mail us at oneprayer4@aol.com.

Thank you!