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On behalf of their peoples, their ancestral lands, and future generations, more than 350 Dineh residents of Black Mesa continue their staunch resistance to the efforts of the US Government—acting in the interests of the Peabody Coal Company—to relocate the Dineh and destroy their homelands. This land is the basis for the Black Mesa peoples’ traditions, livelihoods, and spirituality.

At this moment the decision makers in Washington D.C. are planning ways to seize tribal lands to extract mineral resources. The coal companies are funding both the Republican and Democratic parties because they have huge interests at stake. Presidential candidate John McCain recently sponsored forced-relocation legislation targeting these Dineh families; Peabody Coal, the world's largest coal company, currently has plans to expand its strip mine operations and to seize more deep aquifers beneath these indigenous lands. Peabody Coal Company has completely dug up burials, sacred sites, and shrines designated specifically for offerings, preventing religious practices. Not only were the principal concerns of the communities directly affected by the legislation never addressed, those communities were not even notified.
"The Big Mountain matriarchal leaders always believed that resisting forced relocation will eventually benefit all ecological systems, including the human race." Bahe Keediniihii, Dineh organizer and translator states. "Continued residency by families throughout the Big Mountain region has a significant role in the intervention of Peabody 's future plan for Black Mesa coal to be the major source of unsustainable energy, the growing dependency on fossil fuel, and escalating green house gas emissions. We will continue to fight to defend our homelands."
You are invited to come to Black Mesa any time of the year, not just spring and fall. You can come alone or as a pair for a longer duration, or as an organized work crew for a shorter time. Since establishing a routine is demanding on the host family, folks are encouraged to stay a minimum of three weeks. If you are not able to make this time commitment, check in with BMIS about organizing a work crew to stay a minimum of several days to a week. Guests are expected to be adequately prepared prior to staying with families on Black Mesa, which is a very remote area in a high desert terrain. Thoroughly read the Cultural Sensitivity & Preparedness Booklet and fill out the supporter application form.  Contact BMIS as far in advance as possible so that we can support you in your visit to Black Mesa, answer any questions that you may have, and so that we can make arrangements with your host family. We can also be reached by our voicemail, 928-773-8086.

 Black Mesa Indigenous Support
 P.O. Box 23501, Flagstaff, Arizona 86002
 Voice Mail: 928.773.8086


Global Prayer Project
Prayer, Meditation & Discussion
with James & Salle Redfield

Our twice-monthly gatherings have been making a powerful difference, both in people's individual lives and the world at large. Many of you have written us saying that the energy generated from this network of spiritually-minded participants is "indescribable," and we look forward to continuing this healing circle of focused prayer. Like all prayer experience devoted to helping others, many participants have felt the results in their own bodies and received guidance for their own lives.
Research tells us that the more people praying together, the more powerful the prayer and the greater the level of energy felt by the participants. We invite you to join the largest regular prayer network in the world. If you would like to take an active role in maintaining a circle of positive intention across the globe, while going deeper and heightening your own spirituality.
Call 212/461-5860 OR 646/519-5860
Caller ID: 6999#
The phone line will open at 7:55pm EDT. Call the number above and follow the directions. Once you are connected to the call, please say your name and where you are from, and then press *6 to mute yourself so the noise level will be kept to a minimum. Each participant will be responsible for their own long-distance phone charges.

********************************** Living Labyrinths for Peace Spring and Summer Programs
Open Labyrinth Walks: Sundays: 12 noon - 3pm
Enjoy an interactive art labyrinth with glass light boxes that light up and enlighten you.
Open Labyrinth Discussion Groups
Sundays: 3-5pm
Living Labyrinths for Inner Peace: 1st Sunday
Living Labyrinths for World Peace: 2nd Sunday
Labyrinths for Technology and Peace: 3rd Sunday
Labyrinths for Creativity and Peace: 4th, 5th Sundays
Your Own Interest Group, or Workshop
By Appointment
57 N St. NW, Washington DC 20001
To reserve your space, and to enter
Call 703-217-6706.


The Earth Conservation Corps
The Earth Conservation Corps is a nonprofit organization founded in 1989 as a White House domestic policy initiative. The Earth Conservation Corps provides hands-on education, environmental training, professional experience, and leadership skills for disadvantaged young people between the ages of 17-25 years old. As corps members improve their own lives, they rebuild the environmental, social, and economic health of their communities.


Potomac Conservancy's "Growing Native Program," where people fill and drop off bags with acorns, black walnuts and other native tree seeds that the Potomac Conservancy gives to Maryland and Virginia state foresters for planting next spring. This is a great opportunity for school, church/synagogue groups to participate as well as for individuals.

There are specific "drop off" places for the seeds. One of them is at (C&O) Lockhouse 8 Education Center which is located on the Clara Barton Parkway just off the Beltway. People may pick up bags or drop off bags on the lockhouse's back porch. This is a massive program conducted throughout the Potomac Watershed. Please note that no seeds should be collected on National Park land. For details and more information, please check out This year, The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers will hold their fifth council gathering before and during Sundance from June 12-22, 2007 in the Black Hills of South Dakota. During the conference, the 13 Grandmothers will meet with Native Village director Gina Boltz who is assisting in the creation and publishing of their Internet Youth Forum for kids and young adults up to age 25.

Kids, we need your help. The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers -- elders, healers, wisdomkeepers and spiritual leaders held in the highest regard -- want to hear from our world's youth. If you could ask them one question, what would it be: How do we end global warming? Why can't people just get along? What can I do to become a better person? No matter the question, these wisest of women are here for you. All you have to do is ask.

Native Village will compile and present your questions to the Grandmothers during council. Your questions, along with the Grandmothers' answers, will later be posted in the Grandmothers Youth Forum housed on the Native Village website.
To post your message and for more information:
The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers

Thank you for Speaking With the Grandmothers:
Warm Regards,
Gina Boltz, Director
Native Village Publications

Indian Pride Television Series

Indian Pride, a PBS television series, focuses on the diverse cultures of American Indian people throughout the country. 

Complete info @:

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