Prayer Vigil Photo Gallery

We are pleased to share with you our Prayer Vigil for the Earth Photo Gallery. The Gallery presents a visual record of the rich tapestry of participants, cultures, religions and beliefs that incorporate the Prayer Vigil.

The Gallery consists of eight different photo exhibits:

2011 Prayer Vigil for the Earth

Overview of the Prayer Vigil
Photo History of the Prayer Vigil for the Earth: 1993 to 2011

2010 Prayer Vigil for the Earth / Turtle Women Rising Gathering
2009 Prayer Vigil for the Earth
2008 Prayer Vigil for the Earth

2007 Prayer Vigil for the Earth
2006 Prayer Vigil for the Earth

Photos in each of these exhibits (except 2006 and 2009) contain captions and text identifying the participant or event and provides more in-depth information and context. We believe the text is as important as the images.

To view the Photo Gallery, please click here.

The following is a guide to viewing the Prayer Vigil photos once you clicked on the link above:

  • You will find five thumbnail images on the right of your screen, one for each exhibit. Just click on thumbnail of your choice to view the images.

  • To View the Images: You will then see a series of thumbnail images from the chosen exhibit.To see all the images in that particular photo exhibit, please click on the first image. This will bring an enlarged version of that image, with text on the right side of your screen. In the upper right hand corner of the screen, click on that image to go forward to the next image. Repeat the process to review the entire collection of images with associated text.

  • For the best viewing experience, click on the Slideshow button in the upper right of the window. This will open a new full-screen Web browser window with large photos.

    You can adjust the playback speed of the Slideshow to make it go slower or faster under OPTIONS.
  • You can also purchase hard copy prints of any image and photo products by clicking on "BUY" for the image of your choice. You will then see an order form for online print service MPIX. Follow the directions to order prints of most any size and photo products. Please note that the gallery images have been color corrected.
  • In order to download any particular image, please go to the screen that has thumbnails of all the images. Click on any particular image you wish to download. A large size view of the image will come up on your screen with thumbnails of all the other images on the right side. You may go to any other image by clicking on either arrow on the upper right hand side of your screen.

    To download an image, click on the upper left hand side of the large image. Four options present themselves. Click on "Download Original" and proceed from there.

To view the Photo Gallery, please click here.

Thank you for viewing a profound expression of our common humanity.

Photographer: Bill Sanda
Bill Sanda Contact: