Lodging for the 2012 Prayer Vigil for the Earth

The hotel that will support our 2012 Prayer Vigil is Virginia Suites, 1500 Arlington Blvd., Arlington, VA  22209 -  http://www.virginiansuites.com

There are two ways to make your reservations:  

·       Contact Ben Perchik and reserve a room the Prayer Vigil has set aside at a discounted group rate; or

·       Call the hotel directly and book your room as an individual at normal room rates.

If you wish to book one of the rooms the Vigil has reserved at the group rate, you must notify me by July 21 so I can give the listing to the hotel and calculate a final price.  You will then have to send your money (check or credit card) to me by July 31. Cutoff date for these rooms is July 31.

If you call the hotel to book as an individual, there is no deadline.  There should be rooms available during the weekend of the Vigil, since the hotel caters to business people. As noted above, room prices will probably be higher than our group rate.

Contact information:

Prayer Vigil reserved rooms:  Ben Perchik, perchikb@aol.com or 703-314-7980.

Direct hotel bookings:  Phone: (703) 522-9600 or http://www.ascendcollection.com/ires/en-US/html/ArrivalInfo?hotel=VA655

Thank you,

Ben Perchik