Prayer Vigil for the Earth Video Clips

Throughout the history of the Prayer Vigil, various videographers have captured the heart and soul of the Vigil through video. Enjoy these short clips from the 1997, 2000, 2002 and 2007 events and get a real feel for the Prayer Vigil for the Earth!

To watch a video, first click on one of the videos below. Once the video screen appears, click on the right arrow at the bottom of the Windows Media Player if you are using Internet Explorer browser. If you use the Firefox browser, the video screen may be slightly elongated. There will be some delay in loading the video clips on either browser; loading time will depend on the speed of your Internet Service Provider.

Video Clip
(minutes and seconds)
Video 1: Native American Ceremonial Drum and Singers
(from 1997 video)
Video 2: Round Dance, which is guided by the sacred drum, is a Native American community celebration dance that brings everyone together (from 1997 video)
Video 3: Co-Founder Sharon Franquemont's Vision in 1993 for the Prayer Vigil for the Earth (from 2000 video)
Video 4: Co-Founder Betsy Stang's Introduction to the First Prayer Vigil for the Earth (from 2002 video)
Video 5: Lillian Pitawankwat, Annishnabe Nation, Leading Sunrise Pipe Ceremony
(from 2002 video)
Video 6: World Peace Prayer Society Prayer and Flag Ceremony: "May Peace Prevail on Earth" (from 1997 video)
Video 7: Betsy Stang's Interview on the Growth of the Prayer Vigil for the Earth
(from 2002 video)
Video 8: Pentagon Army Chaplin Col. Vincent Inghilterra's Prayers for the Nation (from 2002 video)
Video 9: Japanese Shinji Shumeikai Taiko Drummers (from 2002 video)
Video 10: Sufi Zikr Ceremony - Remembrance (from 2007 video)

1997 video of the Prayer Vigil for the Earth was produced by Randall Libero and Rick Reed
2000 video was produced by the Shunji Shumeikai of Japan
2002 video was produced by TheGirlZTeamWins Production Group © 2003
2007 video was produced by Yursil of the Osmandi Naksibendi Sufi Order