The Prayer Vigil respectfully asks you to help plant seeds of healing, unite diverse interfaith communities and honor Wisdom Keepers of many traditions.  We hope to share their positive values with our youth, inspire similar gatherings throughout the world, and lay a strong spiritual foundation for present and future generations.

You can choose to sponsor the Prayer Vigil, as individuals or as an organization.  Sponsors are invited to fund some or all of the following aspects of the Prayer Vigil:

  • Bringing an elder or helper to Washington DC (airfare and hotel for 3 days), which varies in cost (and can be paid for with  unused frequent flyer miles);

  • Tipi and other structures for the circle (transportation, rental and set-up), which costs approximately $4,000 for the Prayer Vigil every year;

  • A sound system, which costs approximately $1,000;
  • Meals on the mall for elders and volunteers, which run about $2,500 for the entire Vigil;

  • Transportation within Washington DC (requiring vans), which costs about $2,000.

We are also seeking several mini-grants of $500 to $5000 or more in addition to individual contributions.

Your gift is a vote for a positive future; with it, you say, "I believe that unity that honors diversity is possible. I believe in the wellness of the Earth. I believe there is a God, a Creator – a Holy Force that unites all life."

So, if you find our work inspiring in some way, if you believe in fostering harmony on this planet, please become a sponsor of the Prayer Vigil for the Earth.

Experience the spirit of this amazing annual event. Experience the spirit of sponsoring this weekend dedicated to mutual respect, learning, healing and love.

You may offer your contribution by credit card by clicking on the secure Donate button below (you do not need to have a PayPal account).

If you have any questions, organizers of the Prayer Vigil will be pleased to discuss the event with you in more detail:

  • Sharon Franquemont, The Circle, 510-777-3443

  • Ben Perchik, 704-620-4480

  • David Berry,  703-741-0791

  • or e-mail oneprayer4@aol.com

Tax deductible contributions for the Prayer Vigil may also be sent to:

The Circle-East Coast Office
11160 Glade Dr.
Reston, VA 20191-4709

In addition, we accept contributions by FAX (703-620-4480), by telephone (703-620-2577) or by email to oneprayer4@aol.com.

Thank you for your consideration and generosity!

The Prayer Vigil for the Earth