Join Us even if you can't be with us in person!

Dear Friends,

This "Join Us" page gives those of you who cannot be with us in Washington, DC, the opportunity to share your participation in this extraordinary event.

To help us create a continuous prayer circle around the Earth for the Prayer Vigil, just hold the Earth in your thoughts and prayers at sunrise, September 29, 2012. You can do this alone, or with a group. You can do a silent meditation or a ceremony in your traditional faith. The idea is to come together as One People in Prayer for the Earth. One suggestion is to go to our Earth Meditation page where you will find a beautiful invocation. Say it at sunrise, alone or with a group. Wherever you are, just hold the Earth in the light.

You can also join us by sending us short prayers for peace and the healing of our nation and our planet. Please e-mail all prayers, which can be written in the language of your choice, to Use the subject "JOINING". They will be placed in our Prayer Grove and read out loud throughout the Vigil.

At the suggestion of Betsy Stang, co-founder of the Prayer Vigil, we ask you to consider inviting your friends from all over the planet to e-mail prayers to us.

Prayer Vigil for the Earth

Listed below are prayer sites from this and past years
with some examples of what they have done:

United States Prayer Sites:

AL -- Wolf Sisters pray for peace.

AZ -- Sedona Wendy Bialek, 520-284-9562

-- Cardiff by the Sea

-- Orange County - Prayers for the contentment of all peoples and the removal of fear and hate and a healing for all of those who mourn and for all those who have suffered through another people's cruelty. Let all the worlds people be peaceful.

-- Sebastopol - The Peace Garden in Prayer

CO -- Durango - Contact

DC -- Washington - at the Washington Monument

FL -- Deltona
Rev. Daya Devi-Doolin
The Doolin Healing Sanctuary
Padaran Productions PO Box 390951
Deltona, FL 32739-0951 (386)532-5308
Check out our CD, LEVEL SEVEN, at or

FL -- Homestead - Saturday, September 23, 2000, 6:45 - 10:00 a.m., Biscayne National Park, 9700 S.W. 328 Street, Homestead, Florida. Beginning with a Meditation for the Earth at Sunrise, local spiritual leaders of various traditions will lead meditations, prayers, and ceremonies throughout the morning. For further information, or to add your energies to this event through active participation, contact either Kathy Suergiu at Gypsy Traders, 305-242-9922, or Diane Anderson at

FL -- Miami -- Prayer Vigil on 22 Sept., 7:30 PM. Info: 305-235-0297

-- Sebring

-- St. Augustine â“ Contact

-- Starke â“ 1998 - The First American Culture & Education Preservation Association, Inc held Vigil from 9:00am - 6:00pm on Saturday with prayer, drumming, healing circle & pipe ceremony.

ID -- Boise

MA -- Blackstone - Sept 23-24, 2000 Roosevelt Park A day of Peaceful co-existence, Unity and understanding. Sponsored by the Southern New England Indian Council. All denominations, all people welcome to a day of prayer for Mother Earth and other activities. We will be focusing on our children and the generations yet to come. Contact for directions and details.

MA -- Camp High Rock, Mt. Washington â“ Held a first light prayer ceremony as part of the Harvest Gathering, Sponsored by Spirit of Change Magazine, Grafton, MA.

MA -- Ipswich

MA -- Sherborn - A Sunrise Pipe ceremony was held at The Peace Abbey.

MD -- Jessup - MCIJ, Maryland House of Corrections, Inmates Pray for Peace

MI -- Clinton Township

MI -- East Lansing â“ Contact

MN -- Detroit Lakes - Drumming circle - Jeanne Troge, at

MO -- Judiann Edwards-Burrus -25 miles Northeast of Jefferson City, Missouri - 3 miles west of the Callaway Nuclear Plant - in Callaway County - central part of the state

MO -- Laurie - The Star Knowledge Conference will be joining the Prayer Vigil with ceremony.

NC -- Greensboro

NC -- Cherokee - A Cherokee drum, blessing way chant.

NC -- Lillington - Harnett Penitentiary - Inmates pray for peace.

NC -- Bedford - The Maloney family will join the Vigil in prayer at Sunrise. Contact

NJ -- North Bergen, Point Pleasant, Montvale

NY -- Binghampton

NY -- North Rockland County â“ Will be joining the Earth People and the Prayer Vigil group, along with a 4 legged.

OH -- Cleveland - A ceremony of prayer - 16506 Chatfield Ave. - contact Donna (Dragon Spirit) at or 216-433-2101

OH -- Troy

PA -- Pittsburgh, Aboriginal music

PA -- Rosemont - Rosemont College

PA -- Shanksville at the crassh site of UAL 93; A ceremony to balance the energy.

SC -- Spartanburg

TX -- Austin, Prayers during the Prayer Vigil.

TX -- Tyler, Prayers and fasting in conjunction with the Vigil.

UT -- Congregation members of the Tree of Life Lutheran Church in Provo, Utah conducted a sunrise prayer vigil in support of the annual 33-hour Prayer Vigil.

VA -- Dillyn - Buckingham Correctional Center - Inmates pray for peace.

VA -- Hainesville - Hainesville Correctional Center - Inmates pray for peace.

VA -- Shenandoah Valley - Avillion of Universal Insight. Monthly Prayer meetings on the Full Moon for all issues concerning the Earth. Will have a fire and circle gathering in conjunction with the Vigil. Contact:

WA -- Olympic Rainforest near Quilcene,WA - A sacred pipe ceremony and 33 hour Vigil in conjunction with the Vigil in Washington DC.

WA -- Seattle - A ceremony was held at sunrise 6:45am with meditation on a bluff overlooking Lake Washington, was facilitated by the Circle of Light 206-328-1710, email Their theme was to be open to EXPAND CIRCLE OF COMPASSION TO NON-HUMANS THAT SHARE THIS PLANET WITH US... Love & Peace, Olga Nada, Circle of Light

WA -- North of Seattle, The Harper's -

International Prayer Sites:

All over the World - Members of Earth Bridge pray for Peace.

Austria, Vienna

Australia â“ Bundaberg

Australia - Sydney, 500 delegates from the Spirituality, Leadership and Management Conference

Australia - Dodges Ferry, Tasmania

Belgium, Brussels

Brazil - Rio de Janeiro, San Paulo

Canada, Quebec

Czechoslovakia, Prague

England - The HagleyAllison and Pearson Family of Intellectual Romany Celt Shaman Peace Priests pray Daily for World Peace and Equality, permanently.

France, Paris, Bordogne and Brittany


India - Jodhpur

Ireland - Dublin

Israel - At Aunat College 5 minutes south of Kumeran near the Dead Sea - including peace ceremony, medicine wheel, energy circles, healing touch, sacred dances, women's wisdom and children's programs.


Liberia, Netu, Monrovia

Japan - Dennis Tang; in My Jyorei room, Higashi Asahikawa, Hokkaido.

On the 15th of everymonth My friends and I will pray for peace.
And also, in September, We will join prayers at sunrise.
That day I can not go to America,Washington, DC. We need World Peace.

Sunrise prayers in Higashi, Asahikawa, Hokkaido
Saturday evening prayers.

Mexico - Inter-Tribal Healing Center - Praying for children's human rights from the
four directions. For information email

New Zealand

Romania, Bucharest

Russia, Moscow



Turkey, Ankara

Venezuela, Caracas

Venezuela - The International Free Planet Foundation and the UNESCO Chair of Peace Culture held ceremony.

Other Prayers, Ceremonies and Comments:

  • Please add my family to this beautiful event. We will certainly be in prayer this day as in every day for the future of our earth. We feel honored to be a part of it. As Chief Seattle said in 1854 in one of the most prophetic statements made on the environment "Our God is the same God. This earth is precious to Him and to harm the earth is to heap contempt on its Creator".
  • A prayer service in conjunction with the 2000 Prayer Vigil - A group of Catholic nuns focusing on social justice and prayer for the Earth.
  • The playing of the Bhairavi in an Indian concert in conjunction with the 2000 Prayer Vigil.

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