Universal Greeting

The Prayer Vigil for the Earth

(Written at an international gathering where few people spoke
the same language. Shared by Eleanor Kibrick)

Community follows and shares the words and gestures of a leader.

“We offer you peace.” Hands up at heart level, palms out like mirror to others
"We offer you friendship.” Hands clasping each other
“We offer you love.” Hands circle backwards towards heart and reach out.
“We hear your needs.” Hands cupped behind ears.
“We see your beauty.” Hands at eyes with fingers streaming out to side.
“We feel your feelings.” Hands crossed over the heart.
“All wisdom comes from a higher source.” One hand high comes down to other hand at chest level.
“We salute that source in you.” Hands together in prayer in front of heart.
“Let us work together.” Fingers of hand in prayer intertwine hear heart.