Photo Highlights of the 2009 Prayer Vigil for the Earth




Prayers of Gratitude

Prayers of Gratitude and
Love performed by
Tibetan Buddhist Monks
from Taiwan. They had
just come from a meeting
with the Dalai Lama.




Joy of Childhood
The ecstasy,
exuberance and joy of


Sone of Peace and Harmony
Songs of Peace and Harmony sung by
children from the Ahkwesahsne Freedom
School of the Mohawk Nation Territories
from upstate New York. They were
sponsored by Children Singing Peace
Around the World.
Journey into the Center:
for children and everyone
open to a Labyrinth visit.
Followers of the most  Distinguished
Followers of the most distinguished Sufi
order, Naks-I’bendi Hakkani Tarikat
, performing
their holy zikir litany, usually following
an Islamic prayer.




Everyone was Mesmerized
Everyone was mesmerized
and energized by the
rhythms of the ancient
Taiko drums of Japan

brought to us by Shumei, a
Shinto-based spiritual
organization dedicated to
art and beauty, Natural
Agriculture, and spiritual
healing called jyorei.



Ah Sweet Dreams
Ah, sweet dreams!



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